Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The Bad Cat Back Story

I don't like to talk about myself so let's make this short and sweet. I became interested in cosmetics and beauty when I was young. My mom had a one-woman salon in the basement of our home in Rochester, New York. I taught myself how to do makeup and tweezed all my friend's eyebrows, even the guys. After years of working retail jobs, freelancing and still not finding my path, I decided to go to school for skincare. I suffered greatly with acne and wanted to help those that had skincare problems like I did. Since then, I've worked in different spas, brow bars, managed skincare and cosmetic boutiques and that brings us to here. In late spring of 2017, even with a wedding right around the corner, I decided to finally take a microblading course. This was always my "end game," my passion. Eyebrows. They're the frame of the face. Good brows can eliminate the need for excess makeup that changes who YOU really are. I want to give you the skin, the eyebrows, the confidence you've always imagined. It's my goal to empower both women and men to feel comfortable in their own skin and love the person they see in the mirror the moment they wake up every day